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Malaysia Needs to Wake Up in Bitcoin/Blockchain. PM to Major Heads in Malaysia

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today I woke up at 4am and read this

A single thought pop up in my Malaysia being left behind again Singapore and the world in this again. I have always regretted, dissapointed and complained to other people around me when Malaysia is always behind Singapore by more than 20 years in everything. Even in bitcoin or blockchain we are behind them. Please do something since this is something that will change the world economy, US & China is fighting for it, at least we can get some crumbs :P

List of Scammers I've Encountered on October & November 2019 on . Beware!!! You've Been Warn

In any situation, as long you're an honest person and not greedy, a God loving abiding person, you will be free of any scam. May God protect and bless you from being scam and may God forgive the sins of the person that scammed you. Amen. Amitabha

Below is the scam cases I've encounter for your reference.

5am 27.10.19 +2349073246199, +2349073240000 and +2348122971336 African Honor 3C. mention bank in money into your account and will email the bank in slip. why cannot take picture and whatsapp me. weird. well play with him awhile, call me non stop and i ignore all his call since he pester me to whatsapp me my bank in details asap. wish him 'goodbye scammer, may God forgive your sins and thanks for playing with me'. then no more response from him

11.51pm +234 708 501 3407 this time i don't even bother reply. i just report & block them. don't they have any brains?! just because they put in a local malay girl pic, do they think i will reply them...duhh! …

Waking Up After Appendectomy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful music. God bless you! I was inspired to write below after listening to this.

I just had an appendix operation. Something woke up in me. I can think so much more positively. I thank you, thank you, thank you God for waking me up and giving me an appendix. (this is from book The Secret, thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Bryne) I was going down in my life for the the past 3 years. I was not truly awake throughout my life, insensitive to people, selfish, just drifting along, don't want to think too much, just play my playstation and reading story book trying to block out pain due to not understanding what is my purpose in life. Just going through life, tumbling around in the ocean, going to capsize in a big wave, very frustrated and dissapointed in life. Since my operation, waking up in a daze breathing and felt I just came back another world (can read my full story here:…

Better Motorbike Safety Awareness in Kajang!


Thank you Kajang Hospital for the job well done!!!