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Opportunities for Policy Profiteers

Every time governments come up with a policy to fix something, an investment opportunity is born. That's because government policies always backfire.

It's just a matter of figuring out exactlyhowthey're going to do it... and then coming up with a way to profit.

Today'sMoney Morningis about ways to find those opportunities - and our best guess at some upcoming ones.

But first, what do all government policies have in common? They all do one or more of these three things:
They do the opposite of what they are supposed toThey create a bigger problem elsewhereThey cause a bubbleEach of these scenarios creates an investable opportunity for you. And it's a fun one.Ifyou're inclined to enjoy the idea of out-manoeuvring Julia Gillard, pulling a fast one on Tony Abbot and outwitting Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens.

Let's look at some Policy Profiteers of the past...