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Elly Tran Ha

Welcome! This page was setup in dedication to Elly Tran Ha (Elly Kim Hong) from Vietnam. =) Total Images : 33 Who is Elly Tran Ha? Elly is a super cute girl from Vietnam. She is young, energetic, and very pretty! She is not a professional model (yet!) but has recently become quite popular due to the internet. Name : Elly Tran Ha
Origin : Vietnam
Born : June 8, 1987
Occupation : Model Elly Tran Ha Biography Elly Tran Ha grew up in Ho Chi Minh City and like many of us, her progression toward adulthood was more awkward, self-conscious and flat-out stressful than it was natural. According to her, she “developed” early and significantly, which led her to change her wardrobe to draw less attention to herself and try to proceed as a regular teenager in high school. Always the supporter, Elly Tran Ha’s mother pushed her into other activities at school, like singing and public speaking, to give her the confidence that she could do as she pleased without fear or shame. While her mother’s support wound up…