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5 Risks That Can Ruin Your Retirement

No one said retiring was easy. The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) revealed that more than 60% of its members do not have sufficient savings to call it quits and that 1 in 3 Malaysians do not have a savings account. In fact, EPF revealed that most have not saved enough to last them more than five years after leaving the working world. That does not mean the future is bleak. With some simple financial manoeuvres, you can save enough to live through retirement. But while you are at it, you might want to consider these 5 risks that can run your retirement:
Medical costs In Malaysia, the medical inflation rate, which is the increase of medical costs, is between 10% and 15% every year. The problem with health matters is that they do not discriminate between age and gender, meaning those with an active lifestyle could also suffer from an unexpected, life-threatening disease. Top 2 killer diseases in Malaysia* Est. current charges (RM): Est. cost in 20 years (RM):Stroke 35,000 - 75,000 235,00…

Elizabeth Tan: Braving Stardom With Financial Foresight

In 2013, a twenty something decides to let her hair down and puts on a black cap. She tilts it sideways to match the cover she is about to belt out to the millions of social media users, random strangers at best. She is in her room, faces the camera, and she goes. You may think this is just another ordinary YouTuber – a dime a dozen then, a dime dozen now. But, like any fairy tale, there’s a twist: she covers a famous Malay hip-hop song, the first of its kind, what with the way she did it. And just like that, Elizabeth Tan created havoc on radio stations, her videos skyrocketed with millions of likes and comments, and is now a popstar in her own right. So iMoney’s writer, Emmanuel Surendra, caught up with Tan to tap her thoughts on success, fame and, of course, money.
Screengrab of Tan’s cover of Havoc on Youtube.

You broke into the mainstream when you covered Joe Flizzow’s Havoc. What inspired you to attempt that? Well, I just got back after spending two years in the US and when I re…

Malaysians Can Get A Brand New Car Every 3 Years With New SmartLease Service

From being tied down to car loan of 9 years to dealing with the depreciating value of cars, buying a new car is a major commitment for most Malaysians
Image via Giphy Not only is the process a hassle, but even if everything goes smoothly and you end up with the car of your choice, you're left with a slew of concerns once the initial euphoria fades. :( Well, MyMotor SmartLease, the new financial service launched by automotive portal MyMotor could very well be the solution that Malaysians need Image via MyMotor (Facebook) Here's everything you need to know about both MyMotor and their new service: