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5 Things I Can Do With Microsoft Wise Pad W7

5 main things I can do with this great item at Lazada Malaysia great prize of RM599 only! What a steal for such a quality product!!!

5. I can check the latest update on the share market like KLSE.

I always monitor the share market. With this baby I can always check updates without straining my eyes. Everything look nice and big really comfortable to my eyes. I can stare at it whole day although I always recommend you to rest your eyes a bit by moving it around after every 45 minutes session. Don't be like me, thats why I'm wearing spectacles although people do I say I look better with it :P

4. Read the latest news in comfort with the just right 7" screen.

Can share with friends the latest news and gossips happening in our community and country. Missing nothing out and join in the discussion. Not missing out of the loop anymore. Always have something to share with friends no matter the topic either with latest health tips since I'm a health freak since loving ourse…