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LATEST UMNO CONSPIRACY? Anwar may be arrested soon

There is mounting fear that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim might be arrested soon, with Prime Minister Najib Razak and the ruling Umno party charging him for allegedly masterminding the Lahad Datu intrusion.
Members of Anwar's PKR party fear the worst may happen, based on information received from high-level sources as well as from reading a recent chain of "orchestrated" events they worry are aimed to create hate towards the 64-year-old leader.
A resurgent Anwar is widely expected to form and lead the next federal government, and if he is 'taken down', the Opposition's advance could well be stymied.
"I think it is my duty to at least not to underestimate any of this possibility because the stakes are very high. If you talk to anyone, it is clear to all that there is every likelihood that Pakatan Rakyat is going to win," PRK strategy director Rafizi Ramli told Malaysia Chronicle.
"I think initially we dismissed it but once you start looking at…


Help to make this work!!!! Another one? 18,000 mamak restaurant declared support for BN so we, the RAKYAT must declared that we BOYCOTT ALLthe mamak's restaurant. We must BLACK-OUT the mamak. Friday, 22 February 2013BILA PENGUSAHA RESTORAN MAMAK BERTEKAD MAU MEMBANTU JENTERA UMNO/BN DALAM PRU 13....JANGAN MARAH APABILA RAKYAT BOIKOT RESTORAN MAMAK MULAI HARI INI!!!!!

Berita 18,000 restoran mamak bantu jentera BN dalam PRU 13 nanti telah mengundang tindak balas sepantas kilat dari rakyat.

Jika berita ini benar maka bersedialah untuk restoran maka seluruh 
Malaysia kena boikot.

Bila sudah tunjuk kepartian dalam berniaga maka sudah pasti hanya mengharapkan para ahli, penyokong dan pendokong UMNO saja menjadi pelanggannya.

GE Voting Procedure

PLEASE bring along your own pencil ERASER.  It is VITAL that we get this information across to as many people as possible.

The Voter Agent Training recently conducted at the PJ Civic Centre brought to the fore some very critical issues which every Voter ought to know.

These are :

1. As soon as you enter the polling station, you will be ushered to Kerani 1, who will check your personal identity against your NRIC.
He/she will then read out your name, NRIC number and the Siri/Bilangan number in accordance to the List provided by the Election Commission (SPR).

2. Once all that is verified, Kerani 1 will pass your NRIC to the next officer, Kerani 2.

3. Here, Kerani 2 will hand you a ‘Kertas Undi,’ which isidentified by its Serial Number. As a Voter, please know your rights. 
You have the constitutional right under our Election Laws to NOT accept the ‘Kertas Undi’ that the officer assigns to yo
You CAN and should ask for a different ‘Kertas Undi’ from a different book.
To do that, just say…

How to tell if the ballot paper is not what it should be.

Subject: How to tell if the ballot paper is not what it should be.