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KAT Access Alternatives (OpenDNS)

We feel that there is a disturbance in the force. Despite the fact we work according to DMCA and even encourage our users to buy software and media and support their favorite artists and developers, many people still aim to block access to in their country or region. Recently it was Italy and who knows who might be next, so we prepared a small "How to Access 101" for you.

First of all from now on you can access KAT HERE thanks to our friends from Pirate Party! Second solution is switching to OpenDNS and is described below.

OpenDNS is a free DNS resolution service that will allow you to access KAT from basically any country despite its limitations. To start using it you need to complete few simple steps:
1. First you need to go over to their official website (don't worry its 100% mallware and virus free)

2. Pick the For Home option on the right.

3. Select the Premium DNS option on the left.

4. If you are familiar with setting up networks you will see the OpenDNS I…