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Waste of money going to Phuket, Ping Pong Show, Bond Island

I would suggest people to rather go Malaysia Perhentian / Lang Tengah / Pangkor Island after I went there 4-7 December 2017. Below are the reasons:

1. Nothing much to do there. Only go Phuket if you like drinking at pub at Bangla Road looking at some girls.

2. The sea is not clear at all even at Phang Nga Bay plus you have to pay 300 baht/person for entrance just to see the silly rock famous for James Bond movie. Island at Malaysia is so much more beautiful and clear. You can even see the fishes, turtles, dolphins, sword fish and others at the surface. You can't see any at Phuket islands.

3. Jam everywhere. What a waste of time. Each trip will take you 1 hour+ from airport to hotel to Bangla road or from hotel to jetty to Phang Nga Bay. The view is just town scenery all the way.

4. You have to give tips everywhere from boat trips, canoe rower and Thai Girl / Ping Pong shows. Especially worse is Ping Pong shows. Every 10 minutes they will disturb you to give tips and won't let…