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How Maybank have served me?!

Thank you Maybank for providing innovative services that is always ahead of the rest. One  such service is the online buying gold service. 

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

Wow! I can't wait to be selected winner of the Grand Prize of Yearly Pass for this contest so I can go with my loved ones all year round to this grand themepark of my loving Malaysia. After I have went I want to promote to all my facebook friends and overseas friends of all the attractive fun stuff you can do at this new proud attraction of Malaysia.

It will be a grand adventure for every Malaysian in this landmark theme park and of course foreign visitors as well. Thank you to Maybank for creating this fun contest and creative too since this will create lots of blogs to promote our very own Legoland.

I'm very proud to be part of this contest too since I'm doing my part too. Loved to read all the interesting story of other people written in their blogs. My favourite will be this one
since it has few incredible funny picture hand drawn.

Wish everyone a good luck to win this contest and h…

The Best Business in the World

how should I intro this business. Its really a home business where you use the product, feel confident about it and then introduce to your family, close friends, friends and lastly strangers. It includes nutrition, skin care, home care, and much more, over 400+ and increasing.

Why I choose this business:
1. over 10 type income potential bonus
2. proven compensation plan
3. travel the world with invitation to Leadership Seminars and conference overseas
4. Recognition of achievement
5. Personal development of yourselves as you develop others
6. Legacy business where you can pass to unlimited generations
7. Low cost, low risk
8. World recognized, realiable and certified products
9. Company with proven track record of 30+ years in Malaysia and 50+ in the world
10. Can build this business over 80+ countries in the world
Lastly always connected and supported for your success by me, other business partners and company.

Well if you're even slightly curious to know more about this busines…

Skin protection and healing fastest!

Thank you God for finding this 2 fantastic hand and body lotion which is good for any mosquito bite, work as mosquito repellant, scar, scratch, burn, serious burn, serious accidents, bump, blue black bump, baby rashes. So far my baby Charles use for baby rashes at neck and bottom got great results since few other brand creams I used doesn't work at all. Anybody interested can contact me for more details :)

Unique foam-based body lotion.Goes on easily. Not messy or greasy.Features Allantoin and Lanolin - to soothe and moisturise the driest of skin.
Tender Care with Aloe Care! From treating minor injuries and acne to moisturising dry, weather-beaten skin, the uses for aloe vera are wide and varied. Long regarded as a therapeutic plant, the many benefits of aloe vera are now harnessed into a convenient gel form in Aloe Care. Derived from 100% pure Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf, one of the best leaves availableAdded with glyceryl which delivers thicker gel, superior moisturisation, emollie…

Clean drinking water

Thank you for the clean water that I drink that I'm sure its 99.9% free from bacteria and virus from NSF certified 55 which have ultraviolet light, the water filter that created this standard itself. The standard 53 is very important as it can remove more than 140+ dangerous contaminants that is inside our water. Finally it has NSF standard 44 that improve taste, smell clarity. Please take note even though some water filter have 4-6 filter, not all of it have certification. Finally I'm thankful this water filter is no. 1 seller in the world and got voted most trusted brand by Reader Digest since 2007. Thank you God for this gift :)

Choose Life. Choose eSpring Water Treatment System. Life springs from eSpring! eSpring not only provides water that looks better and tastes better, but also delivers on its promise to provide clean water for people who want to get the most out of life. 8 reasons to choose eSpring:1.CLEANER, CLEARER, BETTER-TASTING WATERThe most obvious benefi t of th…

Peraduan KeEMASan with Caltex. Until 31 March 2012!

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