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5 Simple Beauty Products You Can Make From Coconut Oil By Nicole Geraci - April 2, 2013 1:20 PM ED

Many people who are very choosy about what they eat often forget
that their skin is their largest organ, and what you put on your skin
gets absorbed into your body. Unfortunately, many conventional soaps,
lotions and other beauty products are filled with chemicals and toxins.
replace your chemical-laden products with health-sustaining natural
ones, all you need is a jar of coconut oil and a few minutes of free
time! This superfood
isn't just great for better-balanced hormones, and a stronger immune
system--it can feed your skin as well, leaving it soft, glowing and
youthful-looking. (Not to mention delicious-smelling!) 
Once you’ve replaced your standard beauty products with coconut oil,
you’ll never go back. Instead, you’ll smile secretly to yourself every
time someone asks you how you got such soft, glowing skin.
are five easy-to-make beauty products that use coconut oil as a base.
You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate coconut oil into
your dail…

If You Do Just One Feng Shui Practice For Your Home, Do This

Feng shui is the art of applying unique variations of an ancient
practice to improve our wealth, health, and happiness. But it is not
meant to be complicated, esoteric, or even weird. Having studied and
practiced shui for almost a decade, I’ve distilled my work down to
simple mechanics that, if observed and honored, will deliver megawatt
results. The biggest darling of them all: sweeping.

What began
as a simple starting point for an overwhelmed client has become the
vertebrae for all my feng shui consults. Whether you're at a crossroads
or just want to keep your energy upright, sweeping will change the air
around you.

If you’ve never heard this before, you're in for a
fascinating surprise. Here are three reasons to grab your broom and give
sweeping a whirl:

1. Sweeping is an excellent ritual to incorporate into a daily or weekly routine.

First, think of a ritual as a servant of your intention.
And since frequency creates frequency, the more you honor any ri…

Huawei Honor 3C - Tips and Tricks You Don't Know

All the info you want to know about Huawei Honor 3C

Yes bro. Slightly higher but better than you just redeem anything at senQ for the sake of just to use the points. 
They charge 300TP for RM1, compared to senQ and Maybank 250TP only for rm1. 
Any phone, no limit, you can just convert it to cash and buy their phone at Satugadget. I juz paid around rm810 for my mi3 last time. If buy hongmi, less than rm150. Heheh

Just tell the sales rep that you want to redeem your points. But it seems like only works for Maybank treatpoints, other bank no promo so not sure.

link to drivers for our phone.

For those facing LED notification issues, there is a
possibility that the LED is NOT a multi-coloured one as per higher end phones.
It could possibly be only red, orange and green. Hence, when you set it to
other colours, it either doesn't show up, or in another colour.

I usedLight Manager - LED Setto
customise the LED notifications. Works fine on m…

How Technology Has Changed the Face of Autism

When you first meet James, you realize immediately that there’s something different about him. He’s 16 but reads at a second-grade level. He speaks loudly, often interrupting other people’s conversations. He has difficulty recounting the events of his day or sustaining attention to any conversation. He has trouble with simple arithmetic. Like tens of thousands of other children, James has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which makes life a daily challenge for his parents, Marie and Rob, who live just outside Washington, D.C. “I think … therefore I am not a diagnosis” by John Jay Glenn (via Flickr). Yet, like many with ASD, James has some unusual abilities. He can quote dialog verbatim from nearly any Disney or Star Wars movie, Marie says. He can find places he’s visited in the past by poring over satellite images on Google Maps, Rob adds. And with the help of an iPad outfitted by the special-needs coordinators at his school, James can lead something approaching a normal…