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Extension for Zhu's Strategy - Updated 9th Dec -

Extension for Zhu's Strategy - Updated 9th Dec -* Done with the new extension of guide in new thread. Now that I have fought lv 80 people in Arena and CoF, I feel that I have better insights so I rewritten most of hero guide in section 7.

Also due to incoming exams, I will drastically cut down my forum time and wont be able to help much. But trust me, there are people as good or even better than me around forum, I had just put in a bit more effect to write a guide and don't not imply that im the better ones, so listen to others as well! *

Welcome to my humble guide, this is an extension off the first thread which can be found here. Also do note that this extension spans over to page 2, so don't miss it!

Change log
V1: 22/9/14 1330 GMT+8 Full Guide completed
V1.1: 23/9/14 2330 GMT +8. Added Voo and Vincen to section 5 and addition illustration to 3.1. Remove skill description for starters in section 5 because of character limitation within post when added new stuff
V1.2: 26/9/14 …