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Don’t Become a Victim of Work-from-Home Scams

If it sounds too good to be true then most times, it is. This is one of the red flags of a scam and you should listen to your instinct if alarm bells start to ring. Scams usually promise their victims a large financial gain for minimal work or effort. But there are many other tricks they use to deceive you, which I suggest you read more about here.
Why should you care about online scams?  Because a 2016 survey by Telenor Group revealed that Malaysians are most vulnerable and most likely to fall for Internet scams. It’s a reputation that we rather not have. Singapore, Thailand, and India were among the other countries surveyed, but Malaysia came up top with 46% respondents admitting to being a victim. The top three scams that Malaysians fall victim to are: Work-from-home scams (30%)Internet auction scams (22%)Online dating scams (20%)Source: The Star Even more concerning is the fact that 6-in-10 have suffered financial loss averaging about RM7,050 per person. With the number of online u…