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My Grateful List

1. great health
2. can walk
3. still running
4. still breathing
5. can eat whatever I want
6. can type this thing in internet
7. internet
8. light up during the night
9. beautiful house to live in
10. loving beautiful caring wife
11. beautiful playful Charles
12. great job that gives me freedom to do as I plan bringing information and joy to children
13. a lovely job that i met my wife in the first place
14. loving students that voted me as the most popular teacher and prize is one of my favourite food 'Maggi Letup' :P
15. caring working friends that share and work together
16. a beautiful car Silvey to bring me anywhere I want to go
17. peaceful country to live in
18. a cooling fan blowing cool air to me
19. peaceful world so i can listen to mp3 to discover myself
20. time to surf net
21. siting straight to surf net
22. relaxing and concentrating in what i want to do
23. everyday i am becoming better and better in everyway
24. great school to work in
25. succes…