Easy Fortune Happy Life TV Soundtrack (OST)

Really love this drama with its catchy songs and adore the lead actress.


01. 幸福藥草 (片頭曲) - 伍思凱 [Happy Herbs (Opening Theme Song) – Sky Wu]

02. 就要幸福了 (片尾曲) - 夏宇童 [Soon To Have Happiness (Ending Theme Song) – Rita Ma]

03. OAO - 快樂2世代 (OAO – Happy 2nd Generation)

04. 革命 - 范逸臣 (Revolution - Van Fan)

05. 幸福的翅膀 - 庭竹 (Wings Of Happiness – Jasmine Ting)

06. 離開悲傷 - 范逸臣 (Leaving The Sadness – Van Fan)

07. Han Bok Ha Se Yeo - 夏宇童 (Han Bok Ha Se Yeo – Rita Ma)

08. 抓包 - 六甲樂團 (Capture - Six Plus)

09. 魔鬼與天使 (配樂) [The Devil And The Angel (Instrumental)]

10. 天堂的愛情 (配樂) [Paradise Of Love (Instrumental)]

11. 幸運草 (配樂) [Lucky Grass (Instrumental)]

12. 轉角遇見幸福 (配樂) [Encounter Happiness At The Corner (Instrumental)]


Source: http://www.ihoneyjoo.com/soundtracks/easy-fortune-happy-life-tv-soundtrack-ost/


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