Anyone can go to Heaven. Just be Good

Learn of this book where its very small and thin which explain things in a easy manner. Just the kind of book that I like since thick books make feel sleepy. Read it at library at Hai Tao's place at Wisma Rampai. Anyone interested to find out more can check it out here since the content is the same. Thank you to the creator of the website since I didn't manage to finish it there.

It is about teaching of Buddhism that guide us how to act and think so that we can all go someplace good. I'm sure all of us basicly good inside, just hiding there if we aren't doing it already. Well happy practising good deeds and thoughts so that our world will be a better place and find ourselves heaven on earth.

Lets share this poem that I find so cool and good by our dear Abraham Lincoln :

"When I do good, I feel good.

When I do bad, I feel bad.

That's my religion."



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