Reiki machine by MK Connection Legacy Berhad, another scam?!

how can invest or not? seems legit since it's a berhad company. now still in cooling off period. still thinking whether to pull back the deposit.

now have Reiki machine by cost RM48800. 3 in 1 machine, can wifi, take photo & advertisement. after 8 months will pay RM1500/month for 5 years contract advertisement. of course have lots of other details. 

details: Free near RM10k service for :
1 year include 1 year free service RM800 
1 year internet worth RM3600
2 time free relocation
1 year free insurance
and few more I can't recall

so call have 300 kuata. what i think of is since this machine can really earn money, I'm sure the people who earning lots of money with this machine will ask relative to invest too. no way will wait for us to invest right

company name: MK Connection Legacy Berhad / Sdn Bhd
Location at Solaris Mont Kiara ( is this coincidence?! why place same with Sunner? )
Contact : Nik Muhammad Zaki Sales Manager 019-9831990

latest update 
27.7.17: Nik is not answering phone already after asking for refund. will try to call the office tomorrow. cannot find this company at KLSE. the company is misleading. beware of this company people

29.7: Sent letter to main office to demand refund. Meet Mohd Safuan Sales Manager to get refund minus RM500 within 3 months which is stipulated in agreement signed previously. Now waiting for refund then

8.12.17 5pm: Just call Ummu Kulsum the person in charged of refund. How coincidence today mc and no refund being done after waiting for maximum 90 working days. I'm going to call on Monday and see how they will response

12.12.17 2.35pm: Called morning 12pm. Meeting. Said will call back. 2.30pm called said not in, so have to shout and scold then only answer the phone. Then say boss outstation cheque not signed

ps: anyone going to sue them please pm me privately. count me in since I can already foresee they won't refund peacefully


Vincent Wong said…
Any luck getting your money back?

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