Why Knowing What Type Of Person You Are Is Critical To Your Success And Productivity

There’s an art to living in the present while putting your head down, pumping out some results, and moving with some sense of urgency to accomplish what needs to be done to succeed.
But then again, what’s success without happiness? And what are those most important parts of our happiness? The people that matter to us. If those parts of our happiness are neglected, then the accomplishment just doesn’t mean as much.
For example, being with your kids is of Level 10 importance as is having a wonderful relationship with your significant other, but so is staying healthy and fit, that new project you’re trying to launch, and, of course, making money, yes?
But just because they’re all equally important doesn’t mean we’re obligated to give them all equal time. You’re not going to be with your kids 24/7 unless you’re a stay-at-home parent or they’re a bit younger. It might be just 30 minutes of quality time you get with them during the week, or whatever. It doesn’t take 30 hours.
In terms of your significant other, let’s say Thursday is date night, probably the most effective and profound two or three hours you spend enhancing your relationship. A lot of things have to do with attention: not feeling important enough. Even if it’s for two or three quality hours, that can save a relationship.
“Okay, but what about that project? I’ve got my home business or my job, and I’m trying to write a book.” So on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 until 5:00 work on the project.
If it’s a business project, then it’s during work time. If it’s not, then it’s a different time like the weekend or evenings. Now you don’t have to feel guilty that you’re not working on that project, or whatever it is.
All of this is to point out that people say they want to balance life. Okay, great, how’s “balancing” all of the above equally working out for you?

From my experience, the idea of “balancing” the areas of life is like an entertainer balancing tea cups and plates on sticks with every limb plus their mouths and head. This eventually means one or more things are going to come crashing down.
To avoid this kind of catastrophe, and give due focus and quality attention to all areas of life, you have to decide what kind of person you are.
Are you a consistent person or are you a burst person? Determining that determines how much you’re able to accomplish and allows you to be able to experience the other things that matter to you.
Let’s take a book project, for example. You write from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. before you start the rest of your day, five days a week. That is a very consistent person.
I myself will not get up at 6:00 a.m. to write. It doesn’t fit for me. Every time I’ve ever written a course, a book, or anything like that and done well, I’ve gone away outside of my regular environment that had no distractions.
When I get up, I’m thinking about it already. When I take my walk, I’m thinking about it, and by the time I get back in at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. and have my shake, my mind is just crazy with ideas; things I’ve written down on post-it notes. Then I start entering the post-it notes and bam, I’m into it. I go to sleep about midnight, and I’m back up again at 8:00 in the morning. I go again for between 12 and 15 hours per day for a few days straight like that.
In other words, it’s a burst. That’s how I operate.
Now the question is: how do you operate? Are you the kind of person that can do something every single day, a little bit every day, or are you the kind that achieves more quality work in bursts?
This important distinction can have a huge impact on your productivity, success, and most of all, your overall happiness and wellbeing!
Why? Because when you do what’s right for you, you tend to do better. You create your days with this knowledge in mind.
Need to spend time with your significant other and you’re a burst person? Book a vacation.
If you are consistent person, make sure you’re carving out something once or twice a week to connect with that person.
It’s important to know yourself. Just because ONE successful person says this is their morning routine does not mean that needs to be your morning routine.
The goal is to make a decision whatever it might be and just stay persistent with it.
When you do, you’ll see much better results in your life.
Share an experience you have in realizing your mode of accomplishing things and what kind of impact that has had on your success and the other areas of your life.
How do you best function? Morning person or night-bird? Absolute quiet or music in background? Library or coffee shop? How has this discovery impacted your health? Your relationships?
Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


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