Import Items That Are Actually Worth The Money

There are some Malaysian-made products 

that can never 

be substituted – but we have to admit, a number of imported 

goodies have us hooked. Here’s a list of the best foreign-made 

products to consider buying.

Imported goods are often more expensive than their local equivalents, still some 
wouldn’t mind spending extra to buy them. Possible reasons as to why this is so 
might relate to the larger variety of products available from foreign brands or simply
as a matter of individual tastes.
So what are the best import items to spend money on? Check out these four categories 
of goods that had to travel quite a bit before making it into your shopping cart:


Malaysia’s very own chocolate brands such as Beryl’s, Vochelle and Tudor Gold are 
yummy confections in their own right. Still, certain US, UK, Belgian, Swiss and 
Australian-made chocolates have distinctly different tastes that tempt us to spend a little 
more in pursuit of them.

While it might just be a matter of preference, quality chocolates are a worthy 
splurge come payday, especially for chocoholics. Some expensive foreign 
favourites include Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Nougat (RM10.99), 
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 8s (RM25.80), Mars Chocolate (RM13.65), 
Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate 100g (RM10.89), Kinder Bueno Milk & 
Hazelnut (RM10.89).


Popular local cheese products like cheddar cheese slices and spreadable 
cream cheese are a cost-effective addition to sandwiches and breakfast foods, 
but when it’s time for a treat, fans of specialty cheeses might look to overseas brands.
Foreign cheeses come in a wide variety and furthermore, some of the world’s 
best cheeses originate from outside Malaysia (e.g. Italy, England, France and 
Switzerland). At your local supermarket, you should be able to find these slightly 
more expensive imported cheeses such as French-produced Bonbel Mini 
Cheeses (RM13.29), European-imported Emborg Edam Wedges (RM18.55), 
and US-made Monterey Jack Chunk (RM15.47).


Malaysian fruits like durian, rambutan, mangosteen, jackfruit and guava are 
favourites we’ll probably never tire of but that does not mean we don’t love 
our imported fruits as well. Apricots, cherries, kiwi, peaches, cranberries and 
blueberries can be rather expensive but when fresh, completely worth it.
Now, we also tend to import certain fruits that we can grow locally like strawberries 
(from the US or Australia) and mangoes (from India). This is probably due to its 
difference in quality and taste.


While we can get our hands on quality home-grown tea leaves from Cameron 
Highlands, imported teas from China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan are known to 
be some of the world’s finest. If you’re serious about tea then it might be worth 
the extra cost.
Imported Japanese green tea costs over RM20 per box while a comparable 
local alternative retails for only RM11.90. Expensive buys like these probably 
aren’t a staple for most but will likely be placed on our shopping lists when 
it’s time for a treat.

Region-Exclusive Merchandise

If you're a fan of, say, Harry Potter, and are keen on owning officially-licensed 
merchandise, it might be better to travel overseas or get them imported to ensure
 the authenticity of said item. This is true if you're a fan of other creative properties 
famous for collectibles like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or any other form of geekery.
Some models of electronics or devices also might be regionally-exclusive and can 
only be bought or imported from certain regions. When buying devices like these, 
you should always do your research thoroughly to avoid any incompatibility 
problems once you bring them into the country.
Still, don’t be hesitant to try out Malaysian-made alternatives in lieu of your foreign 
favourites; you’ll be supporting our local industry and who knows? You might find 
something even better!
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