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Zhu's Strategy - Updated 9th Dec - New Full CoF lv 80 video w subtitle tutorial <9min h2="">

  1. * Done with the new extension of guide in new thread here .

    Last updated: 28th Dec. Updated heroes guide and added all heroes.

    For team help, please post and team builder and not here!*

    Welcome to my humble guide! This strategy is for all levels and I have added insight to end game to the guide, in order to excel in something, you have to start good don't you  Should you have any question, feel free to pm me ign or here, I will do my best to help you xD My ign in S2 is "Piglets" and I am the guild leader for SG Piglets  I have spent over 30 hours writing this and it is of zero incentive to me and tons of frustration from the forum limitation, but I hope this helped many of you and I appreciate those who had said a simple thanks to me 

    Note: Evaluation are base on my opinion and current patch of game, should there be a fifth skill out, everything might change! In the latest patch in China Server, some heroes have their 5th skill unlocked! If you think I am wrong or there are good advice to be added, just pm or reply to this thread, we can teach everyone more! Due to character limitation of each post, any future addition will be down at the end of guide in post 6/7. For the ease of navigation, you can use ctrl+f and search for the numbering to get you the type chapter, for example arena, ctrl+f search for 1.2

    Change log
    V1: 22/9/14 1330 GMT+8 Full Guide completed
    V1.1: 23/9/14 2330 GMT +8. Added Voo and Vincen to section 5 and addition illustration to 3.1. Remove skill description for starters in section 5 because of character limitation within post when added new stuff
    V1.2: 26/9/14 2200 GMT + 8. Added 7.1 for more strategy on crucible. Added i. Appendix which include Tank Stats
    V1.3: 28/9/14 2300 GMT +8. Slight edit to many part, due to experience of 50-60. Added 7.2. Rated vincent and ragnar lower, gyzmo higher.
    V1.3.1: 29/9/14 1630 GMT +8. Added a golden crucible battle tip at 7.1
    V1.3.2: 29/9/14 2230 GMT +8. Added xXrHzXx thread about max hero stats to appendix.
    V2: 5/10/14 2230 GMT +8. Total revamp of hero guides and added insight in view of end game. Modified guide a bit as this might be one of the last updates.
    V2.0.1: 7/10/14 1000 GMT +8. Lower Crackles rating in hero guide, heard its totally useless
    V2.1: 8/10/14 1730 GMT+8. Added 6.3
    V2.2: 9/10/14 1430 GMT +8. Added some photos in appendix, but couldn't upload more @_@
    V2.3: 23/10/14 0130 GMT +8. Added video in appendix
    V2.4: 25/10/14 0245 GMT +8. Added i. Appendix - Abilities Priority
    V2.5: 26/10/14 1900 GMT +8. Added CoF video in 6.3
    V3: 13/11/14 0200 GMT +8. Revamp and extension of guide to a new thread.Hero guide almost completely rewritten
    V3.1: 13/11/14 1735 GMT +8. Completed the new revamped guide. Addition and revamp from 5.4 onwards
    V3.1.1: 22/11/14 1630 GMT+8. Added some more FAQs to 9.2.
    V3.2: 3/12/14 0120 GMT+8. Added new section 5.6 with cof tricks, more to come~ Also updated dojo and treasure mine in section 2.
    V3.2.1: 9/12/14 1500 GMT +8. New full CoF video with explanation.
    V3.3: 22/12/14 0100 GMT +8. Shifted what level to fuse p2/p3 to appendix and added P4 and Orange0 fusion level in Appendix. Added section 10 Prophecy Pool
    V3.3.1: 28/12/14 1830 GMT +8. Updated heroes guide and added all heroes.
    V3.4: 20/1/14 0200 GMT +8. Added more pictures for Section 9, 10 and added new section 11

    [Section 1 to 6 and Appendix is in this thread. Section 7 - 12 is in the extension thread]

    Table of Content
    1. Starting out (Lv 1 - 32)
    1.1 Starter heroes quick evaluation
    1.2 Arena
    1.3 Arena heroes quick evaluation
    1.4 Cavern of time
    1.5 Dojo training
    2. Mid Game (Lv32 - 50)
    2.1 Goblin Peddler and Black Market
    2.2 Guild
    2.3 Crucible of Fire
    2.4 Crucible heroes quick evaluation
    2.5 Treasure Cave
    3. Team Building Strategy and Game Battle
    3.1 Key Pointers you must know in a fight
    3.2 Focusing your resources and picking your heroes
    4. Misc Tips
    5.1 Crucible add on
    5.2 Lv 50+ Crucible tips and experience
    5.3 My Crucible team after lv 53
    5.4 Godlike CoF "Cheat"
    5.5 How to build your CoF team for beginner
    5.6 Crucible tips and tricks for any level *Newly added*
    6. Heroes Abilities Priority
    7. Arena Guide ------ Section 7 - 9 can be found here *Newly added*
    8. Hero Guide
    9. Raid *Not Published*
    10. Prophecy Pool
    11. Dojo after lv 80
    12. Common FAQs
    13. Final words
    i. Appendix - Video example of how freezing animation works
    i. Appendix - Lv 80 Heroes full stats with equipment fully enchanted
    i. Appendix - What level to fuse for purple +2 and 3
    i. Appendix - What level to fuse for purple +4 and Orange0

    1. Starting out (Lv 1 - 32)

    You will be able to start campaigning and get 5 free heroes. They are Captain, Noire, Ember from treasure chest, Kane and Eva from quest completion. At the start it is recommended to fuse all of them as they are your only units and they will bring you to further maps. This phase is a smooth and relaxing, upgrading and farming what you need is sufficient 

    Important: The first golden chest of 288 diamond is a guaranteed 3* hero. Save up for it and use your diamond on it! Also you get to open one free golden chest every 48 hours so don't forget!

    1.1 Starter heroes quick Evaluation

    Name:  Coco.jpg
Views: 7111
Size:  4.0 KB
    Pro: 1 small AoE stun and single target lift
    Con: Not as tanky as the other front liner, 3rd and 4th skills are average only.
    Note: His stun and lift success rate scale with ability level. However normally I wouldn't even upgrade this unit as I would rather spend the ability point on other heroes for more damage.
    Rating: 1/5

    Name:  DR.jpg
Views: 7110
Size:  3.5 KB
    Pro: AoE silence as third ability, excellent for all case. Superb fourth skill which increase the entire party physical attack.
    Con: First and second skill are decent but pale in comparison to the top tier units.
    Note: Silence success scale with ability level and is important to level for it to be effective. Possibly the best starter as it really turns out to be a huge damage contributor to the team with a silence that help in PvP.
    Rating: 4.5/5

    Golden tip: Completing heroic quests will eventually give you 20 ss of noire, enough to make her 2* 

    Name:  Lina.jpg
Views: 7089
Size:  4.2 KB
    Pro: Extremely strong early and mid game (before level 50)
    Con: Suck real bad after due to 4th skill that is not of much use when the rest of units get really good attacks.
    Note: Third skill stun success rate scales with ability level. Useful for starter but think twice if you really want to invest a lot on it.
    Rating: 2.5/5

    Name:  Zeus (1).jpg
Views: 7098
Size:  4.1 KB
    Pro: Consistently above average through the game, after getting his 4th skill his damage is boosted greatly
    Con: Only 1 interruption skill and a lot of better mage out there
    Note: Third skill success rate of canceling opponent skill scales with ability lv. Decent mage but don't have disables to help you win your PvP. Kane can be upgraded to purple at lv 49 (2-4 level earlier than most which can help you a lot)
    Rating: 3/5

    Name:  Ench.jpg
Views: 7100
Size:  4.0 KB
    Pro: Only healer and a charm skill
    Con: Doesn't do much damage but its fine 
    Note: Charm success rate scales with ability level. Only healer available and relatively ez to farm. Charm can be an awesome help if the charmed opponent cast skill on its own team xD
    Rating: 5/5

    1. Ability points are unlock at level 8, you can start leveling them when your reach level 8.
    2. Ability level can be raise to heroes level at max. Eg, lv 10 captain can have its skill at lv 10 at best only.
    3. Ability point recharge at 1 per 5 min and you can keep 10 maximum at vip0.
    4. Your heroes get stats when you fuse them, they can progress from white -> green -> green+1 -> blue -> blue+1 -> blue+2 -> purple and so on.
    5. Upon fusion to green, blue and purple, your hero unlock a new ability.

    1.2 Arena
    Unlocks at level 10. You earn diamonds when you improve your highest ranking attained. You can check it @ Arena -> Rules. Diamonds given increase exponentially as your climb higher rank. Meaning to say, the diamond u get from Rank 200 -> Rank 100 is way more then Rank 1000 -> Rank 900.

    Important: Save your dragonscale and arena point for heroes. Also you can refresh the shop for 10 arena chips (so if you have 1010 chips you can buy a hero twice!)
    Rationale: These heroes are the easiest to get 5* as you can consistently get 5 ss from each exchange. If you are free to play, it is highly likely that these heroes will be your first 5*. Don't waste them on equipment as the benefits of getting 5* hero is better.

    Golden tip: The arena reward are given out daily at 9pm (GM+8), leave your last arena chance and refresh to a winnable opponent, 30 seconds before 9pm, attack and hope to win! If you win you secure a higher ranking for more rewards!

    1.3 Arena heroes quick evaluation

    Name:  THD.jpg
Views: 7106
Size:  3.2 KB
    Pro: Very high crowd control and damage
    Con: Get hits pretty often due to position
    Rating: 4.5 / 5 One of the best crowd control and good damage dealer

    Name:  SF.jpg
Views: 7118
Size:  3.2 KB
    Pro: High damage and AoE damage on death
    Con: No crowd control and squishy
    Rating: 2.5/5

    Name:  LOA.jpg
Views: 7114
Size:  3.8 KB
    Pro: Awesome shielding, healing and damage. Superb aura that boost entire team magic resistance
    Con: Lower hp and phy arm then other tanks, get worst at mid-late game
    Rating: 4.5/5 -> 2/5?
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    1.4 Cavern of time
    Unlocks at lv 14. Nothing much to say here, make sure you complete them daily for exp/$ 

    1.5 Dojo training
    Unlocks at lv 16. Complete them for fragment which takes lots of energy to harvest.
    Valley of broken halberd: You need a magic atk team
    Cursed City: You need a physical atk team
    Ride of the Valkyries: You need ladies (bleh lol)

    Golden Tip: Strive to win the normal difficulty of Ride of the Valkyrie as it drops 2-3 ultimate orb fragment which equates to 10 battles of farming drop (60 energy!). It is tough as you as only use female, if you can hire mercenary from your guild that can help you to win, do it!

    For those without a 4th female, I tried and won easy mode on lv35 and normal mode on lv46 with the 3 females starter, but for higher difficulty u need more females.

    Added on: 4th Difficulty of female dojo requires 4-5 Purple3 fusion female heroes to clear. Unless you are very strong, you should be unable to clear it upon reaching 78. You should aim to be to complete it as soon as possible at the 4th difficulty of 2 dojo drop an extra different type of gear (Pandora Spirit and Devil's Edge). 

    1.6 Trader
    Unlock upon completion of Chapter 2 normal campaign.

    Golden Tips: Visit Trader at the 4 timings - 9am 12pm 6pm 9pm
    Buy all the gears and fragments. You can choose to buy the hero soulstone (ss) if it is the hero you wish to build.
    Rationale: 1 Purple fragment takes about 5 battles to obtain, which equate to 30 food saved! Buying a boots of speed, can equate to 1-3 battles saved. If you have no use for these gears, they can become precious enchantment pieces.

    2. Mid Game (Lv32 - 50)

    This is where the fun and strategic part of the game starts to kick in, with lots of decision to be made and a drought of lv 44-50 whereby you cannot equip any new equipment (for most heroes). In this period, spend most of your energy farming purple fragments, like ultimate orb as you need many of them for fusing. 10 runs give about 2 fragment and 20 fragments to complete 1 piece.. 100 runs -> 600 energy worth!, now you understand why you must buy from trader  also start early, before you can equip them.

    2.1 Goblin Peddler and Black Market
    Unlocks at completion of Chapter2, lv 30 and 40 respectively. Goblin Peddler and Black Market are similar to trader but offer better items (and more expensive of course). They appear randomly when you spend food.

    Golden Tips: Always keep about 50-100k on hand once you unlock Goblin Peddler
    Rationale: Same as trader, but the merchant offer better gears and are more costly. You don't want to regret not being able to buy them when you encounter them since they last 1 hour only.

    2.2 Guild
    Unlock at lv 32. Other then being part of a community in game and awaiting for future patches for more functionality, there are still a couple of things that help you. 1, you can give props to a higher level player for energy  2, you can hire and dispatch heroes to mercenary camp that can earn money. Hiring mercenary helps for CoF

    2.3 Crucible of Fire
    Unlocks at lv 32. Best gold farming activity. You use your entire arsenal to clear the 15 stages. Hp and Power are carried over battles to battles and died heroes cannot be revived. Difficulty of stages increase along the way and it is random who and what heroes you fight. Dragon scales can be earned and used for exchange, use them for heroes first! Crucible of fire will get a lot more difficult as you level up. This is because you can start facing opponent with higher level then you at about the 10th stage. When you are nearing lv 50, you get to fight heroes that have purple fusion and you are not even there yet! Thus proper planning and strategy is important for max clearance.

    Golden tip: Do crucible later in of the day after you have gain some exp/lvl or equipped with better gears. This little boost might win u an extra battle!

    Also, if you clear CoF you get 1300 scales, you can refresh the shop for 10 scales and buy your choice of hero twice if you want. Example: Buy jugo = 500 scale, refresh shop = 10 scale, buy jugo again = 500 scale. Hence in 2 days, you get 2600 scales > 500 + 10(1st reset) + 500 + 500 (day 2) + 10(1st reset) + 500 + 10(2nd reset) + 500 meaning you can get 25 SS in 2 days!!!!

    A good crucible team can
    1. Deal as much damage as possible (High DPS)
    2. Taking as little as possible within a short time (Disables and healing)
    3. Use the least possible power possible (Sustain)
    4. Keep power bar high at every star of battle (Sustain)

    Golden tip***: If you have more than 5 strong heroes, bring your spares the first few battle of crucible where it is easiler to win. Make and keep their power bar full. Should your main team lose, you can bring in your weaker units that have skills ready to be activated to blast at your opponent straight away! This strategy always allow me to clear a couple of stages more. Imagine you have 10 heroes and 5 spare heroes with power max, ready to blast when sent in 

    Further explanation, for example you have a main team (take it as all level 40) of


    with spares (Level 35 minimum, they ought to be cause you would level them for treasure hunt)


    If you start crucible you would face off lower level enemy maybe lv 30 for first stage. Team up Ember, Noire, Jugo with Captain + BoMo and clear stage 1/2 without using any skills, this will keep all power bar full. First few stages are relatively easy, you will be able to win just by putting a few main team heroes in. Once the spares power bar is full, you can take them out and use your main team and fight through crucible. As example, lets say your main team got wiped at stage 10, you could bring in ember+noire+jugo and activated their skill to do a burst of damage. This could actually help you clear that 1 stage more

    1 Example with pictures below! From the first picture, you see that I actually made all my usable spare heroes's power bar full (their ability point and equipment are not at their best). My main 5 is Hydral + Windrunner (rented, 6 levels lower then me lol) + Kane + Voo + Lucas. After some of my main team heroes died, I filled up with spares and was able to last 1-2 more battles. In the upcoming battle, if you see the result, in the second picture below, my Ragnar did 14,638 and Noire did 13,020 damage. All this was not possible if I had not charge their power bar at the initial stages of Crucible, ready to blast and activate the moment they go into battl

    Name:  Photo 21-9-14 4 55 46 pm.jpg
Views: 7162
Size:  22.2 KB

    Name:  Photo 21-9-14 4 56 37 pm.jpg
Views: 7138
Size:  14.5 KB

    In my opinion, it is very effective to bring in 2 heroes with all-target spell burst, 1 healer,1 hero that can interrupt opponent entire team casting (super crucial) and 1 solid tanker. Its a huge bonus if your heroes that do AoE can interrupt as well (jade). You could blast opponent team 2 times, their power bar will be full, cast your interrupting skills and their team will be at 0 power bar xD Because of the difference in animation, you might not get to interrupt all your opponent, in this case, choose to target at their most lethal heroes (luna, windrunner, aoe disablers etc).

    After trying out a few heroes, I find Vincent the best tank by far because of its healing and immune abilities and Jade the best mage (huge damage + all target skill interrupt) . In addition I don't find bring 2 tanks effective because you lose out on a lot of damage output, unless your offense tank really pack a huge punch and is not in front of your meaty tank.

    Continued at part 5.1, some VERY useful tips there! (use ctrl-f for 5.1 xD)

    2.4 Crucible heroes quick evaluation

    Name:  KOTL.jpg
Views: 7110
Size:  3.9 KB
    Pro: All skills are very good especial 4th which increase team magic attack
    Con: Takes very long to channel his 1st skill but it is rewarding if pulled off
    Rating: 4.5/5 (Pick him if you have a magic team!)

    Name:  AV.jpg
Views: 7160
Size:  3.7 KB
    Pro: Cast a lot more often than other heroes and damage the mid and back line more
    Con: Jugo and Hydral are more worthwhile to get
    Rating: 3/5

    Name:  Troll.jpg
Views: 7100
Size:  3.5 KB
    Pro: 1st skill increase the entire party attack speed and damage (which means less time need to cast 2nd/3rd skill!) and especially good with physical damage team. V strong later game
    Con: Weak early game
    Rating: 3/5 -> 5/5

    2.5 Treasure Cave
    Unlocks at lv 42. You will be able to hunt for treasure/exp mines and harvest these from the mine for up for 1/3/10 hours. You can dispatch up to 5 heroes to mine at the maximum rate and the production rate scale with your team power. All mines can hold up to 3 players. Note: If you send your hero to mercenary camp, they can not be used to mine. Also only heroes which at least level 35 can be dispatched to mine. You can only have 2 mine at any point of time unless you are vip5. Hence it is advisable to have at least 12 heroes, 2 for mercenary camp and 10 for mines.

    From patch 2.1, you will no longer lose mines like before. You will be able to have a mine for the duration that you choose. Gems are dropped upon harvest for about 10-60 gems per mine (for 10 hours mine). However people will be able to plunder you and decrease your harvest when your timer is up. In addition, power recovery is decreased significantly from winning a battle in plunder (applicable to double/triple mines), so you won't have as much ease with charge up power for subsequent opponent.

    Plunder requires 2 bread each attack and each bread regens per 20minutes and you can hold up to 30 bread at any time. Successful plunders will give u a small amount of loot and 2/4/6/8/10 gems (random).

    This game is became very friendly with this change as most players can get more diamonds now. Also vip5 becomes very attractive for 4x mines!
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    3. Team Building Strategy and Game Battle (mainly for crucible, highly recommended to read 6.3)
    This is an important aspect of game which I felt most player does not put much thought into. Not all heroes go well with each other, some has good synergy with others. So you have to plan what to focus on as you won't have the resources to upgrade every single ability and fuse every single hero you get. The bigger difference between arena and crucible of fire, is that crucible of fire involve sustaining for multiple battle while arena is all among bursting down opponent team as soon as possible. Hence, normally an arena team doesn't consist of a healer while crucible team require one.

    Arena tip for team building: Know the fact both team starts with 0 power bar, do plan for your team for disable at different row. For example Silencer and BoMo get hit roughly the same and they tend to cast their s1 together, you won't want to freeze + silence as it is diminishing each other effect! Another example is using Noire and Ember, their silence + Stun together are not necessary! These are some consideration when planning your team!

    3.1 Key Pointers you must know in a fight
    1- Some skills can interrupt opponent skill.
    This so important as if you can time your casting properly, you can cancel opponent skill and prevent tons of incoming damage which is vital for crucible of fire stages. Not only so, you must know your opponent sequence of casting, so that you know when you won't be stopped from casting. Common interruption skills are Ember, Eva, Kane, Noire third skill for example. Also, a critical physical or magical hit can interrupt casting as well!

    Example of how timely casting can win a fight, imagine 2 teams of the 5 starters fighting each other. On the third turn, Ember Eva Kane and Noire are gonna cast their skill. If you time the casting of Captain perfectly, shipwreck hits opponent Captain, Kane and Ember while the red circle is shown, you stopped 3 skill attacks from the opponent team which is enough for you to win the fight on a equal setting!

    An example in the picture below, I activated my hydral and started channeling, somewhere 3.5-4s after activation, I casted BoMo's 1s to freeze opponent. As you can see in the picture, I successfully interrupted Lumina's Esclipe (you see the moon but my party hp is full) and Medusa's glare. I then follow up with Statik 1s to finish them off

    Name:  Photo 22-9-14 2 40 29 pm.jpg
Views: 7119
Size:  11.2 KB

    Also take note that if your second skill is in the midst of casting animation and you activate your 1st skill, you will cancel your second skill which lead to damage wastage! Learn to cast smartly both offensively and defensively!

    2- Damaging your enemy too much energy without the capability to finish them off, will allow them to proc and cast their first skill on you for enormous damage. This is related to the first point, whereby you have to time your skill cast to interrupt opponent skill cast. Using the same scenario as above, but assume you are on the second battle of crucible of fire and had already had full power on your team from the start of battle. After the second turn (all second ability casted), you activated Noire and Kane's skill which dealt enormous damage on opponent's team. This will fill their energy bar and cause they to cast their first skill. If you time captain's shipwreck nicely, you be able to stop opponent's Captain, Kane and Ember from casting their primary skill on you. Another common example is when you use ember skill and it doesn't finish off opponent, opponent will then react with their first skill most of the time, you dont want that! So many sure when you use ember skill, you either finish off the opponent or have a disable ready to come after it!

    These 2 pointers are essential and vital to maximizing your team potential and take time and practice. You have to understand opponent heroes's skill cast sequence and which of your team can be used to interrupt opponent.

    3- Learn to bring the right hero.
    If you see opponent having a physical team, bring a tank that has the best physical defense, likewise for the other. If you think opponent has lot of crowd control, bring someone that is able to interrupt them. All this take practice, knowledge and also the luxury of having multiple heroes which will all come with time 

    3.2 Focusing your resources and picking your heroes
    This is especially important when you get more then 5 heroes. For a start decide if a physical or magical team suits your team? If Noire is in your main team and you have 3 mage, it be a waste of Noire's 4th skill which boost the entire team physical attack!

    In my opinion, magical team is a stronger for a few reasons.
    1- More heroes have 4th skill that boost physical defense, few has 4th skill that boost magical defense of the team
    2- Magic attacker tend to fill their power a lot faster and is important for crucible as casting faster helps a lot

    After lv 54, Physical teams can overtake magic team! 1 main reason is that physical attacker gets to equip tank item along the way and they are more tanky than mage!! I have a lv 59 account and is still able to clear 13-15 stages of crucible with a mage team, but it is tough! I tried a physical team on my alternate and it is showing decent results as well. So regardless, plan you teams. Be it physical or magical its all usable and you eventually need both for campaigns as well! 

    However if your team composition is leaning towards a physical team, there is no point trying to force a magic team out as it will definitely be weaker Do take note that it is recommended to have 1 healer and 1 tanker, hence you have to fill 3 damage dealers. As pointed out in section 3.1, it is very important to have heroes that have skill that interrupt opponent upon activation. Example of such heroes are Captain (animination takes time and does not cast on the entire team though), Silencer (full aoe), Windrunner (full aoe), Bo&Mo (full Aoe), Earthshaker (full aoe).

    Assuming you do not pay for any heroes, this is some good team composition I can come up with (includes arena and crucible hero)

    Magical Team
    Captain (Tank with 1st and 2nd skill Crowd Control)
    Hydral (Blind & AoE damage 3rd skill, a huge 1st skill damage and 4th skill that add magical attack to whole team)
    Eva (Healer that benefit from Hydral's 4th skill)
    Bo&Mo (1st skill CC with good damage from 2-4th skill)
    Kane (3rd skill single target CC with final skill adding more magical attack)

    Physical Team
    Noire (3rd skill mini aoe silence and 4th skill that add the entire team physical attack)

    If you have extra heroes, feel free to play around and swap. Its easy to build a team, just make sure you choose the main 5 and level their ability to the max so that your main team is strong 

    Note: After lv 50, a pure team isn't enough, you need spare heroes which are almost as strong as your main. Vincent will start to suck too.

    4. Misc Tips

    1. Clear all your daily task
    This is the most important task, because it offers you a lot of bonus exp. At later stages, it takes very long to level up, hence every tiny bit of exp is important!
    Rationale: Imagine 100exp for a task, it represent 100 food worth of exp which equates to about 16 campaign battle exp. It is really a lot and must not be missed daily

    2. Do not spend excessive energy on soulstone of heroes that you probably won't use or aren't good, plan! This is important as you need a lot of gear at lv 51 - 53 fusion, you want to be able to fuse into purple right away when you hit that level, so do not neglect gear farming!

    3. Always learn to spend energy and resources the most efficient way, keep this at the back of you head! For example, it is easier to get boot of speed from Ch1 then Ch6, don't waste energy there!

    4. You don't have to upgrade every single abilities on your main team! For example Eva's second skill, Embers 4th skill can be placed lowest priority. Always evaluate which ability is more important to spend $ on.

    5. Not all heroes's SS can be farmed easily, it is more advisable to find those heroes which have multiple stages for you to farm daily.

    6. If you don't need a heroes, don't summon it! Because if you get a full hero from chest, it is more advantageous as a full hero is worth more SS!

    7. Heroic stages that drop purple fragment is a very good spot to spend your energy as it can get you 1-2 fragment per 3 runs (36 energy with a shot at SS) whereas 10 runes on a normal stage gets you 2-3 (2 fragment mostly for 60 energy). Chapter 6 Beach encounter drop medusa ss and ultimate orb, a very good place!

    8. You gain about 800 exp from daily task and 360 exp from food usage. Once your exp required hits about 2400, you might need a bit more then 2 days to level up. Many players will be tempted to use diamond for energy, however for the many levels to come, are you gonna spend diamond everyday as you be that tiny bit off to level?? Don't even start if you are not intending to spent diamond for energy in the long run!

    9. To be honest, I prefer building a team for crucible over an arena team, as crucible give more reward imo and it is too tough to compete in arena with other players (some can even 5* their entire team in 2 weeks >.>"""). Some heroes that are useful for crucible but not so much in arena are Vincent, Statik, Gabriel and Healers.

    10. You probably don't have enough resources to excel in arena, crucible and raid. You have to choose something to excel in first! At lv 40s+ you will start having the luxury to train more than 5 heroes as you already maxed them

    11. Join a guild with many people (top spenders :P) as you can hire very strong heroes for your crucible run, make sure you are at the level to be able to use their heroes though.
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    5.1 Crucible add on

    Certain tips against these enemy

    Little: Attempt to bring another tank, if not when he toss your tank back, opponent team will get to your mid row and kill your damage carries

    Axe: If you are using vincent, his s1 can still execute you immediately!

    Vincent: He doesn't charge up his power to use his s1 fast enough, make sure you kill him by round 4/5 if not he will tank for a lot longer

    Leo: Watch out for his 2s, it deal insane damage with critical. Disable is good

    Ragnar: To stop Ragnar from hitting you with its skill when it dies, is to kill his entire team before his death animation ends

    Hydral: He will blind your team during 2nd turn, avoid activating physical skills when blinded

    Lilth: She will use her skill and blink and avoid damage, make sure when you activate your skill, she is not in the midst of blinking!

    Cleo: Attempt to bring another tank, if not abolish will let opponent team get to your mid row and kill your damage carries.

    Certain enemy you will get damaged not matter how good you are

    BoMo: Hits until your mid row hard in the 2nd - 4th turn

    Jugo: Throw axe until your mid row and can damage heavily with crit

    Medusa & Luna: Damage your entire team at all turns :/

    Leo: Can kill your mid row easily when he revived

    Ragnar: Self destruct and hits moderately hard (luckily not many uses him lol and can be stop if you can kill the entire party)

    5.2 Lv 50 + Crucible tips and experience

    This is where it can get insanely difficult to complete 15 stages even with a good main 5, it is not enough!

    Problems / Difficulty
    1. Jugo, Bomo, Leo, Luna, Medusa and etc
    Deal a truck lots of damage to you within a short time, if you activate all skill, you might not be charged for the next battle. Should you encounter them again the next battle, you will still take damage. Imaging fighting them for 5-10 consecutive battle @_@

    2. Not even lv 59 and facing lv 59 opponent with purple+1 Jugo / other heroes
    They hurt. Real bad.

    3. Hard to charge up the spare heroes power and have them as standby. Even at stage 1, lv 44 full blue+2 enemy will hurt u bad enough.

    4. Vincent is not as OP as before. Multiple enemy heroes critical can kill him in one turn. Need for hard tanks and multiple of them arise.

    5. Hard to burst down entire opponent team with mage for >consecutive< battle
    Possible to blast and kill all for a battle, but not enough power for the next one to continue. Moving into 2-4th turn of a battle can damage you significantly.

    Possible solution or suggestion

    1. Over 5 capable heroes
    You need strong spares to sustain you team for all the stages. Sub-standard spares are not enough. Good thing is at lv 40+ you should be able to have resources to level more than 5 already. Strong tank, damage disher, magic, physical ... its good to have a reserve of them.

    2. Raise your healer star (start early)
    Try to farm always. 3* will help a lot. 4* 5* even more :P Since its not possible to avoid all damage, healing must sustain your team.

    3. Enchant your gears
    They will help you. Power recovery is the most important imo as it is utmost important you can cast frequency. Also after lv 50, most dojo fragment and those extra gear you get while farming purple fragment are in surplus. Sacrificial equipment are a lot more readily available at this point. Other stats will help as well, i tend to focus on power recovery, critical hit, life steal and defensive stats more. Imo its very manageable to max green and blue gear, and purple to 2*.

    4. Upgrade important skills - a must
    Make sure those abilities with accuracy that scale with level are maxed out. If you happen to not disable, lets say a Jugo/Bomo, you are gonna eat lots of damage.

    5. Start farming for SS
    If you don't and others do, you will lose out a lot. If you face a 4/5* bomo while your bomo is 2*, you are gonna have a hard time. Its impossible to beat big spenders, but do you best to beat whoever in your means :P 

    5.3 My Crucible team after lv 53

    After playing for quite some time (played up to lv 64), I find that using Jugo as tank is very feasible. In addition, after lv purple fusion, And remember the key is to

    1. deal as much damage as possible
    2.while taking as little as possible within a short time
    3. with the least possible power used
    4. and keeping power bar high at every star of battle

    Point 2 involves having enough disables / interrupt skill, which many heroes fall into this category. Point 1 and 3 indicates high DPS heroes without activating power, only a few heroes fall into this category for now and imo they are Jugo, Bomo and Lumina. 3* Eva, 3-4* bomo and 4-5* jugo are needed for this to pull off very well. In addition, due to Jugo having the need to tank more damage, I always hire a good jugo as my replacement so my team remains!

    I have concluded from experience, from lv 50 - 80, the below is the best team which have served me the best
    Gabriel / Naomi

    *video, lv 69 CoF last 5 stages using the above and Gabriel instead of Jade. It be so much better if I had an Eva cause Voo doesn't heal Jugo if you realized. I made an mistake earlier and I continued to do without Eva which made life tougher haha. Also kinda unlucky this day as they hit my hydral fairly lot (not normal) and my Voo ended up not healing Jugo.*

    For jade (gabriel is similar, naomi cast at the start with jugo)
    Turn 1
    Hydral cast after hitting (self activated, activate with bomo and than jugo to shorten channeling time)
    Bomo freeze after hitting (self activated)
    Jugo cast after throwing axe (self activated)

    Turn 2
    [Opponent slowed and your team turn proceed first]
    Bomo cast skill 2 (auto)
    Jugo chop opponent (auto)
    Jade stun arrow (auto)

    Turn 3
    [Opponent frozen]
    Jugo chop (auto)
    Bomo cast skill 3 (auto)
    Hydral release channel and follow up with AoE blind (briefly interrupt non-1st skill of all opp)
    Jade triple arrow skill shot (auto)

    Turn 4+
    If everything in turn 3 is done right, you would only gotten damage mainly from the first round. Opponent should be charged up and will cast her skill (some will cast skill 1 turn later). When you see this
    1. Activate jade skill and interrupt them when needed

    All these are rough stats by me but generally, Jugo as tank is a must for me, because of the DPS. The most crucial part of winning and minimizing damage taken, lies with when you cast bomo's freeze. Also it take a lot of skill, like know when to interrupt your own jugo (to stop opponent back row like hydral / jade to cast too early before you freeze), when your jugo's axe will be interrupted (cast before he gets interrupted, so he delays and throw his axe out later), when is the best time to cast bomo (after 1st turn? or 2nd? or immediately when battle), if you are able to freeze all 5 (possible to do right before bomo cast his 2s), how you stop opponents skill ( After freeze -> shoot jades arrow, or Shoot jade arrow -> freeze and cancel, both are do-able, and even shoot jade arrow + lumina beam and freeze to cancel all 5 opponent skill).

    It takes time, observation and practice but I assure you that there it is impossible to tell you when to do what as there are many possibilities.

    5.4 Godlike CoF "Cheat" 

    For crucible there is this reset trick where you can refight that specific battle. Right before battle end, exit the game and shut down the app. When you restart you will be able to refight the battle. For apple user, double home and close app and open it again.

    Note: the battle result is saved once ALL heroes on either side is death, so if u wanna reset do it asap.

    Good trick to
    1. Not let any1 die
    2. When u lose too much hp
    3. Fight again, change heroes and strategy again

    Enjoy refighting till u clear 15 stages daily xD However do note that if you team is not strong enough, even with this trick, you might not be able to clear 15 stages. Also if you have the right casting skills and team, you probably don't need this at all 
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    5.5 How to build your CoF team

    *This is solely my way of clearing it, it might not be the only way!* This is to guide you to build your own team should you don't have the standard recommended.

    A simple rule of thumb, before purple fusion, Vincent is a must use. After purple fusion use Jugo as tank and Bomo is a MUST for ease of clearing.

    Best CoF team before purple fusion

    Best CoF team after purple fusion
    Gabriel / Naomi / Jade

    For the above, Gabriel is the best from lv 60 onwards (gains good power recovery), Naomi will be somewhat on par with Jade along with level (Naomi gains good power recovery at lv 70 only) due to higher Mcrit. Hydral will have power issues till lv 65. However I can assure you, if you timing and sequence of casting is perfect, they will have no problem at all clearing 15 stages (well if they are decently leveled, enchant and trained lol). For low spender I would recommend Naomi as it is easy to farm and can be used for female dojo as well.

    *Newly added, for CoF experienced from lv 73 - 80, I felt Gabriel is clearcut the best among the 3, and Jade can somewhat do better than Naomi a tiny bit. I tend to refight more if i use Jade/naomi but hardly a need to refight using gabriel*

    Now to the section proper, should you not have the above heroes what to do?

    Generally a CoF team must have
    Healer - Eva
    DPS / Disablers (DD)

    For any player, it is possible to these heroes for free - Hydral Eva Bomo Jugo.

    Normally some people would be able to fit in Hydral Eva Jugo but struggled to get Bomo. Hence the line up will look like this

    Role: Pre purple - After purple
    Tank: Vincent (or best possible tank) - Jugo
    Healer: Eva - Eva
    DD1: Hydral - Hydral
    DD2: Jugo - ?
    DD3: ? - ?

    Next, fill up with the following with what you have (generally just best possible DD lol)

    Top choices should you not have the best recommended
    1. Lumina (need to use freezing animation technique, see appendix on how)
    2. Lilith (good DPS)
    3. Noire (pray for silence)
    4. Booster (heavy DPS)
    5. Ember (for stun and quickly killing tank)
    6. Zeus (high power recovery)
    7. Cleo (you are running out of choices :P)

    5.6 Crucible tips and tricks for any level

    Because there is soooo many tricks that you can actually do (after a while it becomes imbue and very natural of one to know what to do), I will attempt to make a series of tips for people who don't know these tricks! Also I am no pro in video making so bear with it :X

    1. Prevent opponent hydral from casting blind with bomo

    2. Full CoF uncut, no reset, with handicap for lv80 account. Subtitle within video to teach many tricks

    Sorry I can only link it because the forum allows one video per post only -.-"

    6. Abilities Priority 

    There is no right and wrong, this are purely my opinion, if in doubt feel free to ask. I will rate them in this format,

    1 > 2 > 3 > 4 [Priority highest from left to right]
    1 > 2 = 3 = 4 [Priority to 1, the other 3 are equally important]
    1 > 2 = 3 > 4 [Upgrade 1 first and 4 last]
    1 > 2 > 3 | 4 [4 can be left untouched, if you have no $. ]
    1 > 3 | 2 > 4 [2 and 4 can be left untouched, but up 2 first if you choose]

    Captain: 1 > 2 | 3 = 4
    Statik: 1 > 2 = 4 > 3
    Marina: 1 > 3 > 4 | 2
    Lucas: 1 = 2 = 3 = 4
    Sarpa: 1 > 3 = 4 | 2
    Gill: 1 > 4 > 2 | 3
    Leo: 2 = 3 > 4 | 1
    Grim: 1 = 3 = 4 > 2
    Sirius: 1 = 3 = 4 > 2
    Oggie: 1 > 2 = 3 = 4
    Brutus: 1 = 4 > 3 | 2
    Little: 1 = 4 > 2 = 3
    Buster: 1 = 2 = 3 = 4
    Vincent: 1 = 2 = 3 > 4
    Spike: 1 = 3 > 4 > 2
    Pandor: 1 = 2 = 3 > 4
    Blake: 1 = 2 > 4 > 3
    Barbaro: 3 > 2 > 4 > 1

    Ember: 1 = 3 > 2 | 4
    Kane: 4 > 1 > 3 > 2
    Uldor: 1 = 4 > 2 = 3
    Lilith: 1 = 3 > 2 > 4
    Booster: 1 > 2 > 3 = 4
    Naomi: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4
    Medusa: 1 > 2 > 4 | 3
    Marven: 1 = 2 = 3 = 4
    Cleo: 1 > 2 = 4 > 3 (can choose not to up 3 if u want)
    Voo: 1 > 3 = 4 | 2
    Ragnar: 1 > 3 = 4 > 2
    Gabriel: 1 > 2 > 3 = 4
    Lumina: 1 > 3 > 2 = 4
    Bomo: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4
    Jugo: 1 = 2 = 3 > 4

    Noire: 3 > 1 > 4 = 2
    Magnum: 1 > 2 = 4 > 3
    Jade: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4
    Crackles: 1 = 3 = 4 > 2
    Raven: 4 > 3 = 2 > 1
    Gymzo: 1 > 2 = 3 > 4
    Hydral: 1 > 4 > 3 | 2
    Eva: 1 > 3 | 4 > 2
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    i. Appendix

    i. Appendix - Video example of how freezing animation works

    Notice the battle unfreeze at 1:21 and hydral shot at 1:20. This is the freezing animation trick that allow you to fasten your hero skill cast time WHILE opponent are frozen! Active heroes (timer running for them) will be in normal colors (not blacked/shadow out), if the gaptime is too long, for example in between hydral and eva, hydral will grey out when eva is casting. In this way the timer will NOT run for hydral and he will take a 5s channel time in unfreeze battle. Its kinda confusing to understand, but play around with it during campaign, you will get hold of it

    Heroes Final stats with item build

    What an awesome thread and effort by xXrHzXx. Link is below~ Ctrl+f to find your hero!

    What level to fuse for purple +2 and 3

    All heroes can be fuse to purple 1 without consideration and all heroes can be fused eventually to p3 without consideration[/COLOR] (Yes, even Eva, dont be deceived by Mekan). For simplicity, all heroes are assumed to be max enchanted in gears. In theory, for an example,
    Total stats for Purple +1 = Base stats of Gear + Enchantment (On P1 gears)
    Total stats for Purple +2 = Base stats of Gear (of purple +1) + Base stats of Gear (of purple +2) + Enchantment (On P2 gears)
    Hence a Purple 1 hero can be better than Purple 2 hero IF
    Enchantment (On P1 gears) > Base stats of Gear (of purple +2) + Enchantment (On P2 gears)

    Please do not ask me for heroes that are not stated, learn to do the math yourself :P Lastly I might not be 100% correct, if you are an experienced players and see any mistakes, feel free to correct me!

    Lastly make sure you have the gear for next fusion if you are going to fuse.

    P1 = Purple1, P2 = Purple2 ......
    All heroes are assumed to be P1, if P2 is not mention, it means keep at P1 and go P3 straight
    Some heroes are debatable and up to personal choice or team composition
    PC = Personal Choice to fuse or not
    FWP = Fuse when ever possible (no need to hold fusion)

    Do pay attention to those not labelled FWP as it means you don't necessarily fuse them right away. Also for reasoning, I won't bring up stats that have insignificant difference

    Front Heroes
    Marina - P3 @ straight - She need dodge from snake to survive
    Gill - P2 @ 72, P3@80 [Only 4 gears to wear if you up at 70]
    Leo - P2 @ 72, P3 @ 78/80 - [PC at lv78, P3 has slightly better stats but lose 25 dodge.]
    Sirius - FWP
    Buster - FWP
    Vincent - FWP
    Pandor - P2 @ 72, P3 @80
    Blake - FWP
    Barbaro - FWP

    Mid Heroes
    Generally all heroes gain a good amount of tankiness stats when fused up but MIGHT lose certain offense. There are mage mage which this dilemma because at lv 70 they equip Ember Wand II and lv78 Ember Wand III and lv80 Ember wand Iv which provides the bulk of magical critical for current patch. Lv 70 and 78 are also the level which these mage can fusion to another level, in other words losing the possible enchantment on these ember wand which result in drop in mcrit. For some of them like Lilith,Booster and Gabriel, they are recommended to go P2 straight at lv 70 because they gain significant amount of Matk (and also tank stats) which is better than the lost of 15 Matk . My recommendation for most of these mages are to stick at P1 (with some exceptions) and to go P2 at 78 (wear full gear and enchantment from scratch to 3/4*) and then P3 at 80. However if you use these mages regularly for arena, I suggest that you fuse them whenever possible.
    I will label these heroes with ember wand as EW

    Lilith (EW) - P2 @ 70, P3 @ 78
    Naomi (EW) - P2 @ 70 [at lv 70 P2 will lose Mcrit but gain significant power recovery, PC], P3 @ 78
    Booster (EW)- P2 @ 70, P3@ 78
    Medusa - FWP
    Gabriel (EW) - P2 @ 70, P3 @ 78/80
    Bomo (EW) - P2 @ 74 (better stats as P1 than P2 from 70-73), P3 @ 78
    Jugo - PC to P2 @73 (Dodge vs Marm, offense stats fairly similar), P3@ 78
    Lumina - PC to P2@73 (25 Dodge vs 1.6k hp + 56 Patk + 20 Parm), P3@80

    Back Row
    Noire - FWP (she don't need dodge as she seldom get hit, the Patk is better)
    Jade - FWP
    Raven - FWP
    Eva - PC to P2 @72 (not much different in heals, since she is only used in CoF mainly, I would recommend to P3 straight at 77 for cost efficient purposes)
    Hydral(EW) - PC to P2 @ 70 [more mcrit and matk P1 @ 70] , P3 @ 78

    What level to fuse for purple +4 and Orange0 

    I have found a great chinese website that allows you to compare stats between heroes of any fusion and enchantment (self inputted) over here

    I am not going to cover all heroes as these are more of those I deem important. If you are going for really specific team match up (you know what you are doing), please use the website given and compare the stats to suit your own team. Only significant stats will be listed

    If two levels are given below, the higher one are the level that you can upgrade for max and clear cut benefit to do so. It is extremely hard to have gears for many heroes, take note that my guide is meant for all possible gears equipped! and fully enchanted and awakened gear worn 

    P3 to P4
    Blake ------------ 82 / 85 (At 82, lose 25 Dodge and Gain 3.5k Hp)
    Pandor ----------- 80/81 (At 80, gain hp and lose some offense)
    Leo --------------- 80/81 (At 80, gain hp and lose some offense)
    Barb -------------- 80

    Bomo ------------- 82
    Booster ----------- 81/82 (Most of these mage lose 25 Mcrit and gain Matk at 81, at 82 the increase in Matk is way better than the crit)
    Naomi ------------ 81/82
    Gabriel ----------- 81/82
    Hydral ------------ 81/82

    Marina ------------ 82/84 (At 82, lose 25 dodge
    Jugo -------------- 79/81 (At 79, gain hp and lose some offense)
    Medusa ----------- 81
    Lumina ----------- 81
    Noire ------------- 81/82 (At 81, lose 25 lifesteal and gain 253 Patk 700 Hp 50 Marm)


    You must take note of your team INT, the guide here does NOT tell you what heroes to up or no, which gear to equip or not. This is to modify your team highest int to your suitable candidate. Oggie, buster, Barbaro can be made the highest int of your team. Please don't Orange your heroes without consideration for lv 90 int!

    In general many mage gain Defense and lose Offense, Tanks lose Defense and Offense. I will write down the fusion level you can consider to upgrade, but bear in mind INT INT INT, once you exceed certain int or equip gears, you cant change it back. This is an especially tricky fusion level. I strongly recommend you use the website above, and compare the stats yourself.

    P4 to Orange0 

    Blake ------------ 86/87 (At 86, lose 1.8k Hp Gain 300 Patk and 40 Pcrit)
    Pandor ---------- 85/89 (At 85, lose 2k Hp Gain 200 Patk and 24 physical piercing)
    Leo -------------- 87
    Barb ------------- 85/88 (At 85, lose 3.8k hp 24Parm Gain 140 Marm)

    Bomo ------------ 87
    Booster ---------- 85/87 (At 85, lose 380 matk Gain 2.9k Hp and 40% immunity to silence)
    Naomi ----------- 85
    Gabriel ---------- 85/87 (At 85, lose 160 matk Gain 2.7k Hp)
    Hydral ----------- 85

    Marina ----------- 84
    Jugo ------------- 86/89 (At 86, lose 55 lifesteal Gain 168 Patk 44 Marm 20 Pcrit)
    Medusa ---------- 85
    Lumina ---------- 84/89 (At 84, lose 30 lifesteal 60 Pcrit 30 Mcrit Gain 200 Hp 113 Patk 103 Matk 25 Physical Piercing)
    Noire ------------ 85


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