Huawei Honor 3C - Tips and Tricks You Don't Know

All the info you want to know about Huawei Honor 3C

Honor 3C (White)

Yes bro. Slightly higher but better than you just redeem anything at senQ for the sake of just to use the points. 
They charge 300TP for RM1, compared to senQ and Maybank 250TP only for rm1. 
Any phone, no limit, you can just convert it to cash and buy their phone at Satugadget. I juz paid around rm810 for my mi3 last time. If buy hongmi, less than rm150. Heheh

Just tell the sales rep that you want to redeem your points. But it seems like only works for Maybank treatpoints, other bank no promo so not sure.

link to drivers for our phone.

For those facing LED notification issues, there is a
possibility that the LED is NOT a multi-coloured one as per higher end phones.
It could possibly be only red, orange and green. Hence, when you set it to
other colours, it either doesn't show up, or in another colour.

I used 
Light Manager - LED Set to
customise the LED notifications. Works fine on my Asus Zenfone 5 to test all
the available colours, which turns out, on the Asus ZF5, only shows
red/orange/green. Not much customisation can be done. I think the Huawei Honor
3C should be similiar as they are of the similar budget range.

how to make screen turn off when using
flip case ?

use this. best app when using flipcase. it'll
automatically turn on screen when open the flip, turn off screen when close it.
it can even prevent screen from turn off accidentally while u use the phone.

DLNA is only apply to steaming media file, not for file

In Android phone, it support SAMBA
server............which is "Network Neighborhood" in PC

First, share out the foler in your PC

you can install "Solid explorer" or
"ES Explorer" etc in your android phone, then open the apps and
choose SAMBA.

keyin your PC's IP Address and now you can
access all the PC share files

just a tip that I find useful to myself:

1. Stock
Messaging app just suck big time in lag
, i have about 1000+ sms in my log.
I used Textra previously in my G.Nexus, it was speedy previously and now its
even faster.

2. To replace it as default messaging app, you
have to disable the stock messaging app. (no uninstall unless root).

3. Textra or hangouts (another atrocity by
Google) will then be allowed to assume default, choose wisely.

4. Here's the GEM - once you disable the stock
app, the gestures / motion control shortcut from sleep will be blanked and you
can actually choose ANY app you want from thereon in. Manipulate as you wish
for the other directions etc.

And also can keep XXX pictures and movies outside ur phone
so that will not be spot-check by police.  

Watch it via Wifi
streaming la. I am using Synology NAS, and use Android "DS File" to
access all files in the NAS. Full HD also no problem.

download MX player from the Play store , play
any HD video (I tried a 720p video) , next , try using the HW decoder option ,
the video will play smoothly but the UI , nav bar , everything would be laggy.
However when you try using the SW
, everything is smooth , navigating through scenes are
instantaneous , UI is smooth also.

supertube player for smooth youtube play

Did you mean I have to put my custom ringtones
into Internal>Notifications or Internal>Ringtones in order to be
available for selection?

Can I put those custom ringtones into my SD Card but under the same folders,
can it be detected?
go to setting -
sound - ringtone - select the music tab on top to set your own ringtone
Guys, can we use custom ringtones and
notification tones for this Honor 3c?

Any idea how do I set it? I don't seem to find the way to make it happen.
Did u copy ur file in Ringtones
folder / Notification Folder ?

I tried double tapping the screen to
wake up the phone but it doesn't work. why?! (this phone got this feature
Go to Gestures Setting, u can find Tap to Wake
Button - Enable it 



go developer option there, disable HW
overlays 1 more.. now i have no issue on playback even in HD.. all played
smooth.. tested many video ady.. found all ok now..

Guidance for other users:

1. Enable developer options - Go Settings>About Phone>Keep clicking Build
Number for 10 times, then developer option will appear in setting menu.

2. Go Developers options> Tick "Force GPU Rendering" and
"Disable HW Overlays".

3. Go Settings> Power Saving> Choose "Normal" option.

Enjoy your youtube with smooth playback

Download 3C themes here
copy into HWThemes
folder (in phone)

place the file into HWThemes folder

you may google for further

Custom rom

Video playback is fine
with MX Player and SW decoder

Nillkin Frosted Shield Back Case honor 3c
screen protector p780

Instead of flip cover, I would think an all corners wrapped
up soft back casing made of TUP + tempered glass screen protector would offer
better protection and ease of use while keeping the phone slimmer than one with
flip cover.
TUP soft back casing provides shock absorption for four
corners during accidental drops and tempered glass screen helps prevent
shattered screen.

APPMAY20, must
use andoird/IOS lazada apps to buy
discount RM20

if buy from pc Lazada discount RM10 : WelcomeNL


For Huawei Honor
3C   0.3MM Slim!!
Premium Tempered
Glass Screen Protector for Huawei Honor 3C protective film With Retail Package
*  0.3 MM Silm
*  9H Hardest
*  Easy Install
*  Hign Clear
*  Safety Retail

Honor 3C S-type tpu
High quality S line Soft TPU Gel Case
100% New TPU Gel Case
Offer instant all around protection from scratches
Constructed from smooth, treated rubber that resists dirt
and stains
TPU, also known as thermoplastic polyurethane, is more cut
and tear resistance over rubber
This gel case made from a special tough gel, which makes it
flexible like a silicone but tougher than a crystal case
Compared to silicone skins, this skin is stiffer to the
touch, but remains flexible
Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls
& ports without having to remove the skin
Material: TPU Rubber

If you want to root
your device please refer below:
Prerequisites before you begin rooting Huawei Honor 3C
-Download the vroot program to your PC.
-Make sure you have installed the necessary device driver
before moving on. You can download it here if you have -not do so.
-Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging from your device’s
-Make sure there is at least 80% battery left on your
smartphone before begin rooting your device.
-Back up the Huawei Honor 3C.

Follow the steps below on how to root Huawei Honor 3C

-Install vroot on your PC by double-clicking on its icon.
-Open the vroot program on your PC.
-Connect the Huawei Honor 3C to your PC using an appropriate
USB cable.
-Check if your PC is able to detect your smartphone.
-Go to the program and click on the ROOT button ( Green
button ) to begin rooting the device.
-The program may take quite awhile to root your device.
You’ll be prompted once your device has been rooted.
-Once done, your device should automatically be rebooted.
-Congratulation! You’ve just rooted Huawei Honor 3C!

clean master app
memory boost,  set
Facebook exclude

Facebook app, setting.
notification interval.


Sharjeel Khan said…
Hi I used huawei Honor 3c and I used Go SMS app for message after some time period the notification of sms are lost... Mean i cant receive any notification of sms if i restor all my cell and then install GO SMS then its work perfectly but after some day its not working please tell me the salutation of this problem help me
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Unknown said…
By mistake i set my share via option to bluetooth as always.. how can i change it

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