How to Get Rid of Ants Cheaply and Naturally

  • How to get rid of ants naturally

  • Vinegar -  I have already written in the past on how to use vinegar for maintaining your health,
    but did you that vinegar is a natural ant repellant? Put a little white
    vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray at all entry points you can find and
    along the pheromone trail, a chemical factor secreted by the ants, which
    is recognized by the others and followed. Once the vinegar dries,
    repeat the process for a couple of days. This will discourage the ants
    and they will move on.
  • Soapy water – This is one of the most popular and easiest
    ways to get rid of ants. Simply fill a spray bottle with some
    dish-washing soap and hot water. It kills the ants and obliterates the
    familiar trail. It only works when wet so you will have to reapply for a
    few days.
  • Chalk – Amazingly, ants will not cross chalk lines! Nobody
    seems to know why, but it an excellent way to put an end to ant trails
    heading for your home. All you need is some ordinary white chalk, so if
    you don’t mind chalk lines all over the place, go ahead and draw!
  • Baby powder – has the same effect. Sprinkle some at any entrance points to block the trails.
  • Lemon juice - Lemon can be used in many ways to enhance your health 
    but it also works well as natural ant repellant with an added of adding
    nice, fresh smell to your home. Just spray pure lemon juice around the
    openings. You will be surprised how the acid in the juice seems to mess
    up their sense of tracking.
  • Diatomaceous earth. This is something of a mouthful so
    let’s refer to it as DE! DE is an amazing, multi-purpose remedy that
    helps us get rid of ants as well as all sorts of other unwelcome creepy
    crawly guests! You can use it outside by sprinkling it around the
    perimeter of your house, and also use quite safely inside wherever you
    see ants. DE does not kill instantly, but it should solve the problem
    within a few days. Remember not to wet the DE, or it will not work. So
    if it rains, it would be a good idea to redo the outside area. Always
    use the food-grade DE as it is completely safe should one of your pets
    decides to eat some of it.
  • Coffee grounds – For some reason ants don’t like the smell of
    coffee. If you sprinkle used coffee grounds around the edge of your
    home, and at any entry points you find, the ants will not venture any
    further. Coffee grounds sprinkled in the garden will also keep ants away
    from the plants.
  • Corn meal – Put some corn meal out for the ants to feast on.
    They love corn meal and carry it back to the nest to eat. But because
    they are unable to digest it, it eventually kills them, as their
    stomachs expand and burst, resulting in a rather unpleasant death. This
    seems something of an unusual way to deal with ants, and the popularity
    of the method has not been documented.
  • Salt – I have already written at the past on how to use sea salt for you skin but if you only want to get rid of ants you can use a normal salt. Salt
    does not kill ants. This is contrary to the belief many people have
    that it does. A salt solution is used as a deterrent to stop ants coming
    into the house through cracks, holes, over windowsills etc. They will
    not walk over or through any area sprayed with a salt solution. You can
    also sprinkle salt along cracks in the driveway or along the sides of
    the house where ants are present. Make sure that areas are dry before
    applying the salt.
  • As a last resort – you can squash ants with your hands and
    fingers! This is only applicable if you are really desperate, but is
    does work and is very cost effective. It is important to remember to
    wash your hands after using this method, as it is well-known that some
    ants have a very unpleasant smell!
Keeping ants on the back foot

In spite of measures you may take to make you home ant-proof,
somewhere along the line they are bound to get in. You will have to
outsmart them by keeping all your food sealed, such as the honey and jam
jars. Stand each one in a saucer of water and they will be safe from
any invading pests. Ants are very partial to pet’s food, so keep the
bowls in the fridge overnight, or place each one in a larger bowl
containing a little water.


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