say NO to LYNAS. Can you trust the assurances and “guarantee” PROMISED by the BN Government?

Remember Asian Rare Earth incident at Bukit Merah, Perak 1985


If you love your country, you must circulate this message to all your friends and foes alike.

say NO to LYNAS. Can you trust the assurances and “guarantee”PROMISED by the BN Government?

The corrupt BN government will keep on continuing its peoples bad experience and sad memory as long as interest for their cronies and monies in their pocket. Now Malaysia is having another rare earth plant (Lynas ) in Gebeng Pahang, history repeated !! Rakyat didahulukan ??!! More like take money first, the people can go to hell!
This proves that BN will never change and the only way is change government, else the sufferers will be all the peoples and the future generation regardless of race, gender, religion believe. BN get the $$, raykat get the radioactive. Their greed is too much and turning them into evil/devil.

cerita dan gambar-gambar kegagalan Asian Rare Earth di Bukit Merah, Perak [36 gambar]

(Anak Bangsa Malaysia )


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