My Grateful List

1. great health
2. can walk
3. still running
4. still breathing
5. can eat whatever I want
6. can type this thing in internet
7. internet
8. light up during the night
9. beautiful house to live in
10. loving beautiful caring wife
11. beautiful playful Charles
12. great job that gives me freedom to do as I plan bringing information and joy to children
13. a lovely job that i met my wife in the first place
14. loving students that voted me as the most popular teacher and prize is one of my favourite food 'Maggi Letup' :P
15. caring working friends that share and work together
16. a beautiful car Silvey to bring me anywhere I want to go
17. peaceful country to live in
18. a cooling fan blowing cool air to me
19. peaceful world so i can listen to mp3 to discover myself
20. time to surf net
21. siting straight to surf net
22. relaxing and concentrating in what i want to do
23. everyday i am becoming better and better in everyway
24. great school to work in
25. successful dopplegangers to guide me to be successful
26. so many succesful people to guide me
27. paid my usage of credit card
28. able to collect so many silver of different types
29. Jason to help me
30. loving father, mother, brother, sister, sister-in- laws, brother-in-laws, mother-in-laws, aunty, uncles cousins and nephews at Ipoh, grandparents
31. having a great time laughing with Running Man reality show
32. talented Jay Chou to make my day listening to his incredible creative & inspiring songs
33. great movies that expand my mind and imagination such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Lord of the RIngs, Avatar. Thank you to everyone involved in creating them.
34. talented writer like David Eddings, JR Tolkien, A. Asimov that delighted my time reading
35. incredible manga like Dragon Ball, Initial D
36. i can exercise feeling the sweat and pain
37. i can jump and twist
38. i can still touch my feet
39. i am strong, energetic and calm
40. fridge to cool the things, cool drinks
41. water to wash my clothes, dishes, vege, fruits
42. tv to watch my interesting shows
43. playstation that light up my wonder, imagination and provide hours of entertainment
44. dvd player to play all those incredible movies ranging from action to touching moments to write in
46. netbook to do microsoft word, surf net, listen to songs
47. pen to write things
48. smart and beautiful clothes to wear. keep me warm
49. hair for me to clean and gel everyday
50. sight to see all the wonderous things that is created by the miracle of God
51. ears to listen to beautiful songs and mouth to communicate good things
52. having hands and fingers to do things, touching others, share the caring touch
53. feets to move around
54. heart that pumping the blood of life
55. brain that think and dream
56. lungs that breathing fresh air
57. liver that detoxify
58. stomach that process my food
59. intestines that absorb my food
60. my body that works so wonderfully in unison, a true miracle of God


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