How to collect MASSIVE amount of money using AMEX Maybank at Genting casino?

First of all thanks to @Timetraveller for the incredible info:

With this technique, you can get up to 15000 points to 30000 points base on when you go to genting plus you can get 2 night stay worth more than RM400, 4 buffet meal worth RM60 per pax. 
Total value RM640+. Its truly out of this world technique which won't cost you much. Maybe less than RM75 if you can follow the correct instruction. 

That will translate into RM50 to RM150 minimum worth of vouchers plus RM50 cash rebate if you do it on weekends. That again total up to RM100-RM200 worth of money into your pocket from 1 trip to Genting casino.

Total up earning both from Genting and Maybank you can GET near to RM1000 per trip to Genting. Is that incredible or what?

1. the only place deal with PP is at IR at highland hotel.

2. No min. and max. as I said before. Low and shoulder season is 3k, peak season is 6k. Saturday purchase is 6k, the day before holiday is 6k. The rest of the day is 3k. Walk-in normally don't have room given to you and is subject to availability. Normally Genting full house everyday. If you want room, better call and book. Normally I walk-in take chip only. After play then ciao. You still get the buffet meal anyway.

3. Outside the IR got a world card center as well. Go to that world card center to get your card accessible to IR (if u were green card)

(no minimum and no maximum. depend on the season, if low season (sun to friday) is 3k,
peak season (saturday and the day b4 public holiday) is 6k. can buy once a day,
3 times a weeks whichever come first. if u planning to stay thr with ur family and u did gamble,
just call and book it early in advance, also use amex to proceed the booking
(RM500 deposit pay through amex also through phone). u entitle 2 night stay at luxury hotel and buffet meal,
for the buffet meal go coffee terrace, the best among all the other.
normally customer walk in coffee terrace need pay about RM60++ per person for dinner. u get it free here.)

Ways to use the NN chips
btw, guaranty way to wash by expecting worst scenario is here (baccarat with commission):
1. Place NN1.5k on both banker and player. open banker (worst scenario as i said) u left NN1500 + Cash Chip 1425
2. Fork out ur own 75 bucks, then place NN1500 on player, Cash Chip 1500 on banker (1425 + 75 from ur pocket)
3. Open banker then u have (1425 cash chip 1500 cash chip = 2925). if open player repeat 3rd step until it open banker.
4. After open banker, deduct the 75 from ur pocket u left cash chip 2850.
5. Go to counter change the cash back and deposit back to amex.
6. Enjoys ur meal and stay.

*if at first step, the result is player, then total u will have 2925 at the end coz no 5% tax at first game.
*u might wonder why not use roulette, this is because in roulette the interval of each bet is 5 bucks.
which mean u cannot whack 81 but 80 and it was troublesome as u need change to small chip and put 3x25 + 1x5 at a number.
 imagine u repeat this step at 37 number.

remember, if u were to use baccarat to wash NN, u must go for baccarat with commission.
baccarat with commission only available inside IR which required the silver card to access.
however, if u purchase the premium programme, u entitled to go in during ur stay period.
after make the payment, go to the world card center outside of the IR,
show them the premium programme card (issue to u upon u make the payment)
and ask them to authorize ur green card to enter IR. then u will be able to enter for that period of 3 days.
make sure the table is baccarat with commission, if u wrongly bump into the baccarat without commission,
and yes the baccarat without commission didn't tax for both banker and player but when banker open 6 and win over player,
u win half on banker and lose all at player.

Have fun and earn money at the same time :)

btw, just for u guys info, 03-23322966 is the direct number to pp (premium programme) CS. call this direct to the pp relevant department to book ur room / enquiry for pp. the phone no. in the advertisement is general line and they might not aware of pp thing as i experience that b4.

Extra Info:
the buffet meal inside ur worldcard de. so after u use, a slip will print out let u know balance of ur meal. eg. if u alone go eat, then they will deduct 1 meal, and print a receipt showing balance of 3 meal left. if u and ur friend go total 3 persons, then deduct 3 and u still have balance of 1 meal left. main thing is the person who buy the pp must present coz u have to present ur worldcard and pp car

update: advance booking the meal from 4 complimentary meal become 2 complimentary meal.


kei18kun said…
a comment from xjeez:

IMO the title (How to collect MASSIVE amount of money using AMEX) is quite misleading and its quite wrong to say you earn money via this way.

What you earn is a free stay and buffet, but you definitely do not walk out of Genting with more than you went in with, which is what earning would be implying.

Even if you max out 3 times a week, the best case scenario without actually gambling is still you paying RM225 (and collecting RM225 worth of TP) for free stays and buffet at Genting, so its definitely not anything you can make a profit off

Just to clarify, you're not collecting any actual money at all, in fact most of the time you'll still have to pay a token amount =)
Unknown said…
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Olya Olegovna said…
that is great! really, i mean it! thanks for sharing! everybodywinslots
Kei Kun said…
thanks for the comment. will consider it :)
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Sonya Lims said…
Great info! Thanks for sharing!

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Kei Kun said…
thanks for the support. apologies for not updating this topic since I stop going there already. feel free to comment any updates.
Jason statham said…
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rithkhmer said…
thank you so much for this good informations !


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