My Best Life

Life is great with my lovely wife dresses in a beautiful dress in floral design with purple Morning Glory flower in it. She smells great too playing with my son Charles running here and there. Now Charles is 3 years old already.

We live in a single storey banglo with a swimming pool at the side. Around us is incredible looking trees which I will add a tree house soon that can give us shade. We do a set of table and chairs underneath it.

At the other side is the tree house where we keep all our beautiful flowers like Orchids and herbs and spices. Behind the house we have an astounding amount of fruit trees like durian, rambutan, mango, papaya, kedondong and etc.

In the morning I will drive my Lamborghini Sesto Elemento which cause an excitement with my students every morning in the school.

Still swim with David every alternate day


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