Waste of money going to Phuket, Ping Pong Show, Bond Island

I would suggest people to rather go Malaysia Perhentian / Lang Tengah / Pangkor Island after I went there 4-7 December 2017. Below are the reasons:

1. Nothing much to do there. Only go Phuket if you like drinking at pub at Bangla Road looking at some girls.

2. The sea is not clear at all even at Phang Nga Bay plus you have to pay 300 baht/person for entrance just to see the silly rock famous for James Bond movie. Island at Malaysia is so much more beautiful and clear. You can even see the fishes, turtles, dolphins, sword fish and others at the surface. You can't see any at Phuket islands.

3. Jam everywhere. What a waste of time. Each trip will take you 1 hour+ from airport to hotel to Bangla road or from hotel to jetty to Phang Nga Bay. The view is just town scenery all the way.

4. You have to give tips everywhere from boat trips, canoe rower and Thai Girl / Ping Pong shows. Especially worse is Ping Pong shows. Every 10 minutes they will disturb you to give tips and won't let…

Don’t Become a Victim of Work-from-Home Scams

If it sounds too good to be true then most times, it is. This is one of the red flags of a scam and you should listen to your instinct if alarm bells start to ring. Scams usually promise their victims a large financial gain for minimal work or effort. But there are many other tricks they use to deceive you, which I suggest you read more about here.
Why should you care about online scams?  Because a 2016 survey by Telenor Group revealed that Malaysians are most vulnerable and most likely to fall for Internet scams. It’s a reputation that we rather not have. Singapore, Thailand, and India were among the other countries surveyed, but Malaysia came up top with 46% respondents admitting to being a victim. The top three scams that Malaysians fall victim to are: Work-from-home scams (30%)Internet auction scams (22%)Online dating scams (20%)Source: The Star Even more concerning is the fact that 6-in-10 have suffered financial loss averaging about RM7,050 per person. With the number of online u…

Reiki machine by MK Connection Legacy Berhad, another scam?!

how can invest or not? seems legit since it's a berhad company. now still in cooling off period. still thinking whether to pull back the deposit.

now have Reiki machine by cost RM48800. 3 in 1 machine, can wifi, take photo & advertisement. after 8 months will pay RM1500/month for 5 years contract advertisement. of course have lots of other details. 

details: Free near RM10k service for :
1 year include 1 year free service RM800 
1 year internet worth RM3600
2 time free relocation
1 year free insurance
and few more I can't recall

so call have 300 kuata. what i think of is since this machine can really earn money, I'm sure the people who earning lots of money with this machine will ask relative to invest too. no way will wait for us to invest right

company name: MK Connection Legacy Berhad / Sdn Bhd
Location at Solaris Mont Kiara ( is this coincidence?! why place same with Sunner? )
Contact : Nik Muhammad Zaki Sales Manager 019-9831990

Inflation Rate Up 1.8% Due To Higher Food Prices

Higher food prices pushed December’s inflation rate up 1.8% from a year ago, revealed the Statistics Department, adding that the increase was slightly lower than a Bloomberg survey of a 1.9% rise. It said on Wednesday that the overall index for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 1.8% to 116.9 in December 2016 from 114.8 a year ago. The higher CPI, according to the department, was due to the increase in the indices for food and non-alcoholic beverages (+3.7%) and housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (+2.1%).
In November, Bank Negara Malaysia said inflation would probably average at the lower end of the 2% to 2.5% forecast range for 2016 and expected to remain relatively stable in 2017. Malaysians have been straddled with high household debt and the rising cost of living ever since oil prices dropped, sending the ringgit crashing to an all-time low. Many will also crimp expenditure as the Chinese New Year draws near with prices of seafood and greens becoming more e…

How Much Will A Divorce Cost You in Malaysia?

There have been many discussions about the rapid increase in cost for wedding these days. Yet, not many people
 talk about, or are even aware of, how much a divorce would cost them. Of course, one does not get married thinking about a divorce, but did you know that, as of 2014, it was 
reported that one divorce takes place every 10 minutes in Malaysia and the number of divorces have more than 
doubled in just eight years from 2004? As the divorce rate in Malaysia is increasing year on year, it is important 
to equip yourself with important details to protect yourself financially, should it ever happen to you. Ironically, the number 1 cause of divorce in Malaysia is financial problems, the second most common reason  cited as being infidelity while the third reason fighting over key differences of raising children.

The Cheapest Places To Park Your Car in Bukit Bintang

Face it: Bukit Bintang is designed to make your wallets bleed. Home to many of the city’s biggest and glitziest retail malls – including Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, Starhill Gallery, Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88 and Pavilion Shopping Mall – there is no wonder that merely inhaling the air of this popular shopping hub is enough to make your net worth founder. While you can easily spend your life’s savings at these malls, don’t expect to be able to get away without paying an arm and a leg for parking too. Take Pavilion Shopping Mall for example. It is undeniably a top destination for shoppers, but its parking rates is also one of the most brutal. It charges RM3 per hour (from 7am to 5pm), for all seven days of the week and has no maximum cap, making it one of the most expensive parking malls to park your car in within the Klang Valley! How much will a typical outing cost you then, if you park at Pavilion? Well, if your trip to the mall comprises typical daytime acti…